Retail Store


Square Feet:

Over the past few years, GDI Construction has built a strong partnership with Goodwill Industries as we have built 12 retail stores and are beginning our 13th store in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis. Our flexibility with various delivery methods has been beneficial to Goodwill as some of the projects have been brand new stores, others have been renovation projects and still others have involved GDI also acting as developer.

One such project was a new store on Michigan Road on Indianapolis’ northwest side. Goodwill wanted to replace an existing store with a new one on a site behind the existing store. GDI purchased the site, built the new store then demolished the old store and sold the site as an outlot to Jack in the Box. This effort enabled Goodwill to keep their existing store open while the new store was constructed.

While Goodwill owns most of their buildings, GDI is the owner/lessor of Goodwill stores in Columbus, IN and Greenwood, IN.